I have experience in advertising, web design, print design and brand design.

What can I do for you?

I develop products, brands and experiences that fit your strategy and stand the test of time. I understand the insane world in which brands must thrive and know what it takes to get results. Whether you need to create a new brand, recalibrate your current brand or build a new website, I'm ready to help. Let's strengthen your brand’s value.

How do I work?

Despite what some may believe, design work is far from a commodity; every project is different. Communication in every part of the process is the key to succes. I will guide you through a predefined process in order to ensure that the solution presented to you not only looks good, but is the most appropriate solution for your aims and brand image.

The Design Briefing

We meet, we have coffee, we discuss your project and requirements. The more information I can gather at this stage, the more time we can save later. 

• Objectives & Goals
• Budget & Schedule
• Target Audience
• Competitors
• Scope of the Project
• Available Materials
• Needed Materials
• Overall Style/Look
• Do's & Dont's

Research & Think

Before even designing anything I will spend some time reviewing and rewriting your brief and search background information. A detailed and comprehensive brief becomes the guiding document for the entire design process.

• Define the problem
• Collect information
• Brainstorm & analyse
• Make decisions
• Get feedback

The Design stage

Several design solutions are produced and the most effective ones will then be selected from the preliminary sketches. The designs are rendered and digitalised in more detail and developed further.

• Develop solutions
• Sketch & make models
• Present ideas
• Develop further
• Get feedback
• Improve


Final Print artwork goes to a printer, or in the case of web design, I turn the design into a fully-functional website.

• Deliver final Artwork
• Contact printers
• Develop & code websites
• Quality control
• Launch phase