I create tailor-made designs and I have an unlimited directory.

About me

I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. As long as I can remember, I used creativity to express myself. I studied for five years at Horeca and Management School of Wemmel, a well-known cooking school in Belgium, where I got my chef’s diploma in 1999.

Eager to learn other creative fields, I continued my education at Sint-Lukas Art School (Brussels). I graduated in 2004 and obtained my master’s degree in graphic design. For one of my first employers, Typographics (Belgium), I was able to work with different clients and handle different requests with total autonomy. To deepen and expand my skills, I studied printing and screening techniques in the evening and on weekends. I'm not only a conceptual designer, I also manage the practical aspect of printing, which makes me a rather unique designer.

In 2009, I launched Luidrustig, my own company as a (freelance) graphic designer. I have had successful partnerships with well-known firms in Belgium, such as TBWA, Federate, Mortierbrigade, DDB and The Crew Communication.

All those years in the creative industry were an opportunity for me to diversify my skills, including photography, creative direction, web design, mobile, print, conceptual design, packaging design and typography. I am known as “an all-around and full-service” designer. 

My strongest asset is my ability to capture the essence and the identity of each brand. I'm always looking to improve and therefore I always stay curious and optimistic.